Review: Why does God care who I sleep with? (Sam Allberry)

Christians in the recent decade live with a foot in two opposing cultures: a secular culture that is hypersexualised and a faith community that often finds sex as taboo. Sometimes when it is spoken of it is with teenagers about hormone-driven holiness or with young adults about dating or pre-marital preparation. However, lost in these discussions is the question of the reason of sex, which Sam Allberry’s new book answers.

In Why does God care who I sleep with?  Allberry writes in an accessible manner for believers and unbelievers alike. He points to the beauty and purpose of sex and shows how it is profoundly beautiful when seen in light of Jesus and how pastorally relevant it is to know this. Most poignant is the fact that it is written by a Christian who is single, attracted to the same sex yet committed to celibacy; Sam speaks not only with clear and succinct pastoral heart but with personal conviction as he lives out his teaching every day of his life. 

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